Holding Insurers Accountable For Florida Hurricane Damage Claims


Florida residents, business owners and property owners face the threat of property damage every year from windstorms, tropical storms and hurricanes.

Hurricanes cause tremendous damage to residential and commercial properties. Property owners face resistance by insurance companies that are determined to deny claims or minimize claim payments.

If you are an individual, business, condo association or homeowner’s association, and have suffered a property loss due to a windstorm or hurricane, and object to a denied claim, our experienced law firm can help.

We are Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., attorneys for policyholders throughout Florida.

Has a windstorm or hurricane caused your home or business property to sustain water damage, structural damage or other property damage? You have a right to receive the full benefits under your insurance policy. This could include cost of repairs, temporary or alternative residence costs, storage costs, transportation costs and other costs incurred due to the windstorm damage.

Some insurance companies seek to reduce their liability exposure with tactics designed to prevent you from receiving the full benefit of your homeowner’s, commercial or residential insurance policy. We employ effective tactics of our own, on your behalf.

Experienced, Dedicated Representation For Clients With Hurricane Insurance Issues

For more than two decades of practice, more than 65 years of combined experience, our partners Ty Tyler and Clark Hamilton have devoted their practice almost exclusively to first-party insurance law. During that time, we have built a recognized reputation for positive results with handling complex property damage claims and insurance disputes.

A track record of success, however, is only part of our focus. Our goal is to provide quality legal services, in addition to achieving results for you. We are a small firm that prides itself on the ability to provide clients with unsurpassed legal representation and responsiveness to your concerns.

To speak with Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., lawyers about hurricane or windstorm damage to your home, condo, business or commercial property, contact us today to arrange your free initial consultation. Call 904-398-9999 or 800-491-1985 toll free. We welcome all email inquiries and respond to them promptly. The contingency fee basis for our work means that you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.