Was Your Florida Home Or Business Destroyed By Arson?


Fires often cause major damage or complete property loss to homes and businesses.

To combat the significant costs associated with fire damage, insurance companies may conduct extensive investigations to determine any viable reason to deny claims.

Fire claims are sometimes denied due to a suspicion the insured caused or procured the fire. These “suspicions” can arise due to a variety of “red flags,” often unsupported by real evidence of owner-arson.

Insurance companies allege, sometimes with little proof, that the property owner is guilty of intentionally setting fire to their property and submitting a fraudulent property loss claim.

Allegations of arson, or any other type of fraud, are a serious matter. If you are involved in an insurance dispute with an insurer that has denied your property loss claim, or provided a low-ball offer, you need to speak with the experienced insurance law attorneys of Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., right away.

Protecting Your Rights During Disputes Over Arson And Fraud In Florida

At Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., we represent individuals, businesses, homeowner’s associations and condo associations throughout Florida. Our partners, Ty Tyler and Clark Hamilton, have represented thousands of clients in first-party insurance claims and denied claims over the past 25 years.

During our more than 65 years of combined experience, we have come to understand the methods and tactics utilized by insurance companies. If retained to handle your claim, we will vigorously pursue full property loss compensation on your behalf. We have access to knowledgeable forensic experts who can determine the cause of a fire. We know appraisers and adjusters who can testify in court to establish the value of your residential or commercial property loss.

Most insurance disputes are resolved without the need for a trial. In fact, the filing of a lawsuit may not be necessary. As experienced negotiators and trial lawyers, we pride ourselves in handling insurance disputes in an effective and cost-conscious manner. If litigation is needed, we will not hesitate to advance your goals before judge and jury.

Contact our statewide insurance law firm’s Jacksonville law offices — locally at 904-398-9999 or 800-491-1985 toll free. We welcome and respond promptly to all email inquiries. The contingency fee basis for our work means that you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.