Holding Insurers Accountable When A Loved One Dies Or You Become Disabled


Has your life insurance or disability insurance company refused to pay a valid claim?

Are these insurers causing unreasonable delay or giving you the run-around?

Most likely, you have been paying your insurance premiums for many years. You deserve better treatment from companies that supposedly protect you.

If you live in Florida and have a dispute with a life insurance or disability insurance company, the experienced insurance law attorneys at Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., can help.

Our Jacksonville-based law firm offers experienced legal representation to people throughout the state who are involved in a dispute with their insurance company. Our partners, attorneys Ty Tyler and Clark Hamilton, handle a wide range of insurance law disputes, including homeowner’s insurance claims, commercial property claims, life insurance claims and disability insurance claims.

You Benefit From Our More Than 65 Years Of Combined Experience

Insurance disputes can be highly complex matters. They often require the ability to examine, interpret and argue the technical merits of insurance contracts. Insurance companies have access to attorneys and other professionals who draft and interpret contracts for the benefit of the insurance companies. Your interests should be well represented too.

If you are involved in an insurance dispute of any kind, whether it is a property loss dispute, a life insurance dispute or a long-term disability insurance dispute, you need claims litigation lawyers with the resources and reputation needed to protect your rights. Our law firm has successfully resolved thousands of insurance disputes throughout Florida.

If you need an attorney to resolve a denied claim dispute with a life insurance or disability insurance company, we encourage you to contact Tyler & Hamilton, P.A. We charge no fees for your initial consultation and offer a contingency fee policy that frees you of attorney fees unless we win your case. Call today — 904-398-9999 or 800-491-1985 toll free. We respond promptly to all email inquiries.