Florida Attorneys Who Can Help When Application Issues Arise


Many people seeking insurance policy coverage for residential and business property underestimate the importance of completing insurance applications correctly. In fact, these applications are usually completed by an agent, and only signed by the insured.

Misstatements, omissions, errors and other deficiencies — even if unintentional — can have grave consequences if coverage under the policy should ever be needed after a loss.

If questions about your insurance application arise after you make a claim, our experienced insurance law attorneys at Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., encourage you to discuss those concerns with us. If you suspect an insurance claim is being investigated, act quickly to preserve your right to recovery under the policy.

Our skilled lawyers Ty Tyler and Clark Hamilton can advise you of your rights, assess the situation, explain your options and represent your interests if an insurance claim is questioned or denied.

We have more than 65 years of combined legal experience, knowledge of the law and resources to handle insurance dispute litigation and to address common insurance issues faced by insureds in Florida statewide. Our law firm handles insurance application issues in claims involving:

Our claim attorneys understand that insurance applications are often vague. This makes it possible for applicants to make mistakes and for insurance companies to provide coverage that will be contested later. If you are being questioned about your life insurance, homeowner’s insurance or other insurance application, you should speak with us immediately. The sooner you involve an experienced lawyer, the better your chances are in overcoming the insurance company’s attempts to defeat your claim.

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