Experiencing a disability can be devastating. Not only do you have the physical discomfort and emotional distress from your condition, but you also worry about how you will make ends meet if you are no longer able to work. It becomes even more worrying if your Social Security Disability claim is denied. You and other Florida residents may want to know about your options if you are having trouble making or appealing a claim.

According to the Social Security Administration, many lifelong disabilities can render someone unable to work and qualify for disability benefits. However, it is also common to have your initial claim denied. There are many reasons for a denial of a claim, such as the following:

  • Your disability is such that you can learn and perform another type of work.
  • There is insufficient medical evidence to support your claim.
  • You did not follow the prescribed treatment plan or cooperate with the SSA’s requests.
  • You had too many previous denials.

It can be reassuring to learn that you may appeal a denial for disability benefits, as well as to know that many disabled people who were initially denied were successful after their appeals. If you are denied, it can help to gather additional medical documentation about your condition, including follow-up doctors’ appointments and diagnoses. You will also want to follow the Social Security Administration’s steps and protocols to the letter. Appealing a denied claim often requires experienced assistance. Therefore, this post should not replace the advice of a lawyer.