Preparing to buy a home in Florida can be both exciting and unnerving. With so many of your assets and resources going toward such a significant investment, chances are you want to take precautions to keep your home safe and protected. At Tyler & Hamilton, P.A. Attorneys at Law, we are committed to being advocates for people who are facing unfair outcomes resulting from a dispute with their insurance company. 

Homeowner’s insurance is a crucial part of planning ahead and taking preventative measures to protect your home. According to, homeowner’s insurance can provide some protection from liability claims if people who visit your property are injured during their visit. Other benefits include financial assistance if your home is damaged, assistance if your property has been stolen and if other facilities on your property are damaged such as a garage or backyard shed.  

Unfortunately, it is not so useful and can feel like a complete waste of money if when you need it most, your homeowner’s insurance claim is denied or you are told that the policy you have is inadequate to cover expenses that you previously thought were covered. While you should read your policy thoroughly and discuss concerns openly with your insurance provider, there are times when they may be unwilling to compromise or honor the agreement that was previously made. 

When you are aware of the benefits of having homeowner’s insurance, you may be more confident in addressing issues you have when you file a claim that is subsequently denied. For more information, if you are facing a conflict with your insurance provider, visit our web page.