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Is water damage covered by home insurance?

If your Florida home sustains water damage, you want to rest assured that your insurance company will help cover the cost. However, conventional home insurance policies do have some limitations, and it’s important that consumers are aware of what is and is not covered when making a claim. Esurance.com explains how water damage is typically addressed by insurance companies so you can determine whether you’re being treated fairly.

The difference between water damage & flooding

When determining whether water damage is covered by your insurance you must first determine the source of the water. Water damage caused by a leak in the plumbing system or a leaking roof are typically covered by home insurance. Water damage caused by flood waters (usually stemming from a nearby river or stream) are not covered by home insurance and require a separate policy. This can also be true of torrential rain, which may also require a separate policy if damage is linked to flooding.

How mold is addressed

Mold is a particularly insidious type of water of damage that can impact your home as well as its inhabitants. In order for mold to grow in your home moisture must be present. Once again, how the moisture made its way into your home determines whether you’ll be covered by your home insurance. Plumbing problems resulting in mold growth are typically covered, while external flood waters making their way into your home typically isn’t.

You can also take steps to prevent mold growth from occurring in the first place. If you’re aware of leaks in your home, have them fixed immediately. You can also work to keep humidity low to control mold growth, as moisture and humidity contribute to rapid growth within homes. The basement is often a prime area for mold, so be sure any issues are remedied as soon as possible.

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