Water damage is one of the most confusing aspects of homeowner’s insurance for many people in Florida. Some types of damage are easily approved claims, but others are often denied. It is important for you to understand what claims your insurance will cover, so you can make sure you are properly insured for all possible events. 

Insure.com explains there are certain water damage claims that will almost always be approved and then there are claims that depend largely on the situation. However, even with claims that are usually approved, there are still conditions. Insurance is rarely ever easy, but water damage claims can be the trickiest because of all the exceptions and the requirement that damage is accidental and sudden.

For example, burst pipes or an appliance that malfunctions and causes water damage are often approved claims. However, your insurance company will still investigate to see if you somehow played a role in what happened. If the situation was out of your control, you will probably get approved. If the company finds that you left your home unattended and unheated when the pipes burst or you failed to maintain your washer leading to it overflowing, then your claim will likely be denied.

There is also the issue of flood insurance. In some cases, water damage falls into flood insurance territory, and if you do not have this coverage, then your claim is denied. A good example of this type of scenario is flooding from a nearby body of water. This is only covered by flood insurance. This information is for education and is not legal advice.