For Florida residents, hurricanes and property insurance issues often go hand in hand. While you may not have any control over what the weather brings, you can take preventive measures when it comes to minimizing property damage and ensuring solid insurance coverage.

According to Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, it is important to protect any part of your home that can be affected or entered by the brutal winds of a storm. Begin by performing a pre-emptive assessment of your home. Take inventory of your roof to ensure it does not have any weak points that may catch or compromise the structure. Not only does this reduce the chances of roof damage but helps keep the elements from entering your home from above. Check out windows, exterior entry doors and garage doors to make sure they are properly maintained and safeguarded. Secure and clean out gutters and downspouts and keep trees trimmed to help avoid limbs breaking and landing on your home or vehicles.

Contact your insurance company regularly to verify that your policy is up to date and which homeowner’s insurance claims will be covered. Read the fine print to make sure damage resulting from windstorms is covered in the manner you expect to avoid an unexpected denied claim down the road.

Keep a record of any maintenance you perform on your home and be sure to keep it up to code. Take photos or videos on a regular basis and after any updates have been done to show the quality of the structure. This can help prove that your home had no pre-existing damage and can protect you in the case of bad faith insurance claims.

This post is meant as an educational resource and should not be used in lieu of professional legal counsel.