If you just filed a Florida homeowners claim with the carrier of your homeowner’s insurance policy, things will start to move relatively quickly. In fact, Florida law provides for a bill of rights for homeowner claims.

You should hear back from your insurance company within two weeks from the time it received your claim. There is a mandatory acknowledgment that the carrier must provide you.

Then, within 30 days, your insurance carrier needs to advise you of the determined coverage, which can include any of the following:

  • Your claim is under investigation
  • Your claim is subject to denial
  • The company will cover your claim in full
  • The company will partially cover your claim

There is a 90-day limit in which the insurance company should pay you your settlement claim in full, to the extent owed you, or pay the undisputed part if not fully approved. Alternatively, if an investigation has resulted in a denial, you should receive your denial.

The Florida Department of Financial Services Division of Consumer Services will also provide you, at no cost, mediation for any disputed claim under most circumstances. There is also an additional right in the case of sinkhole damage if you purchased coverage for sinkhole issues. You have a right to have the disputed claim neutrally evaluated.

While the process is unfolding, remember to avoid contracting with any repair companies prior to conferring with your carrier for any requirements, such as using preferred repair companies or other methods required to manage the repairs. However, if you have to make emergency repairs to prevent additional loss, be sure to well-document them by preserving in the following ways:

  • Take pictures of damage
  • Take pictures of repaired area
  • Keep the damaged items if possible

It is also important for you to keep all receipts as you move forward in this process.