If you are a resident of Florida, you are probably aware of the risk of sinkholes. According to the University of Florida, this phenomenon occurs when the material under the earth’s surface disintegrates, often due to water damage. The surface then caves in, creating a chasm. A sinkhole on the road or in your neighborhood could be large enough to cause significant damage. We at Tyler & Hamilton, P.A. Attorneys at Law understand the devastating effects that a sinkhole could have on your property, and we fight to ensure that insurance companies honor their financial responsibility for the necessary repairs.

The corrosion of rocks under the surface on your property could result from a variety of factors. Elements of the weather, such as heavy rain, could saturate the rock. On the other hand, a period of intense drought could cause underground water tables to diminish, leaving the cave ceiling unsupported. As a result, the surface resting above it could collapse into the hole. The added weight of manmade machinery and building structures could also contribute to a sinkhole.

As a property owner, you should be vigilant in order to spot the warning signs before a sinkhole causes a serious catastrophe. You may have an impending problem if the doors and windows in your home suddenly become much more difficult to open and close. Similarly, slanting trees and fenceposts, as well as new areas of standing water after rainfall, could indicate an underlying issue. You may be able to recover after a sinkhole opens up, but the repairs would likely be costly. Information regarding the steps to take after a sinkhole causes damage can be found on our webpage.