Florida’s geographical location and climate mean that Jacksonville residents are subject to their fair share of weather-related catastrophes. Big storms, and not just hurricanes, often bring huge gusts of wind and occassionally, lightning. At Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., we understand that when a storm damages your home, filing an insurance claim for repairs is your top priority.

A lightning strike to your home can wreak all kinds of havoc. While structural damage is certainly possible, according to the Huffington Post, approximately half of the damage that most people experience is due to an electrical surge. This can cause damage to televisions, computers and appliances. In addition, some kinds of damage caused by lightning may not be readily apparent so if you suspect your house has been struck, you may want to undertake a careful inspection and inventory of your things. As with any kind of insurance claim, documenting any damage you may find is key.

Most homeowner’s policies should cover this kind of damage. The number of claims related to lightning strikes seem to be on the rise, according to experts. In fact, Florida has more claims for lighting damage than any other state in the nation, with more than 10,000 per year. And yet, at $6,526, Florida is also among the states with the lowest payouts per claim.

Insurance companies are supposed to serve their customers. However, sometimes claims are denied or benefits are not paid in full. For more information on what to do if your homeowner’s insurance claim has been denied, please visit our web page.