Each year, peoples’ homes are destroyed for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes, this destruction is a result of natural disasters, such as a tornado, hurricane, flood or lightning strike. In other cases, homes become damaged due to vandalism, arson or burglary. Regardless of the reason why your home becomes damaged, you should make sure that you gain access to any benefits you are entitled to if you have found yourself in this position. At Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., our law firm knows how difficult these problems can be for people who live in Jacksonville, and in other parts of Florida.

After your home becomes significantly damaged, you likely expect your insurance company to help you move forward. After all, you pay them for coverage that you count on when things go wrong. Unfortunately, homeowners’ insurance claims are turned down for a myriad of reasons, which can make life far more challenging for those who are already trying to address severe damage to their home. In some cases, insurance companies may only pay a small portion of a claim, while in other instances they may reject the entire claim. Regardless of the nature of your denial, if your rights have been violated you should not be afraid to take action.

If you decide to hold your insurance company responsible for what they have done, you need to be prepared. On our page which focuses on homeowners’ claims, you can access more information related to handling a dispute with an insurance company.