If you get a denial from a homeowners insurance claim, you might want to call your agent and chew them out or even worse. Do not take a denial personally. It was a business decision by the insurance company. You have to approach the denial with a different attitude.

The first thing you should do is read the denial letter carefully. The insurance company has to explain why it denied the claim. You can also ask your adjuster about the denial. Get out your insurance policy and compare the denial to what is in your policy. If you speak to anyone during this time, make a note of who and when. 

Should you file an appeal? 

Filing an appeal is an option, but you need to be able to make a case for it. Sometimes, a denial is ambiguous, but other times, there might be a clear reason for denying your claim. For example, maybe your policy does not cover flood damage. At this point, you might want to speak to someone experienced in dealing with denied claims to help you determine if you do have a case or to help you present your information. 

If the appeal is denied, you still have options. You might speak to upper management in the insurance company or to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. If you have already spoken to a lawyer, you will want to follow up with that attorney to decide how to proceed. 

Do your part to prevent claim denials 

Do not give your insurance company a reason to deny your claim. Pay your premiums on time and maintain your property. Read through your insurance policy to make sure you have sufficient coverage for Florida weather. If your home is damaged, take pictures to demonstrate your loss and file your claim quickly with your insurance company. You have to demonstrate you suffered a loss to have a claim. Get a second opinion if necessary.