Insurance companies depend on a simple business model; they need to take in more premiums than they pay out to their clients. This provides two incentives. First, insurance companies try to pick up as many paying customers as possible. Second, insurance companies minimize the amount and how often they pay out insurance claims.

If you are involved in a multi-car crash, and your insurer rejects your claim, you could try filing a claim with one of the other drivers’ insurance companies, especially if it was their fault. If one of the other drivers is at fault, their insurer should cover the damage to your vehicle and your injuries.

You also do not have to rely on insurance companies. If your injuries and the damage to the car is minor, you can file a lawsuit in small claims against the other driver. Typically, small claims courts are limited to $5,000 or less, but it depends on the court and state.

Furthermore, if your insurer wrongfully denied your claim, you could have a lawsuit for bad faith insurance. Bad faith results when you file a valid claim and the insurance company wrongfully denies it. Often you are entitled to additional compensation because the insurer behaved wrongly.

Do you think your insurer unjustly denied your claim? You may want to consult with an attorney to review your case and determine your options. If the insurance company wrongfully denied your claim, then you could have a lawsuit for bad faith insurance against your insurer. A lawyer can go over the specifics of filing these claims and how it may help you get the compensation you deserve.