In Florida, hurricanes are a matter of “when” not “if.” As such, it is critical for any homeowner to purchase adequate property insurance to protect their home, business, and other real estate properties. Furthermore, small businesses experience the double blow of dealing with the hurricane and the downturn in business afterward. Property insurance can help you weather these storms but only if the insurer enforces your policy. This post will go over the issues that can arise after a hurricane.

After your business suffers hurricane damage, you need to follow the same pattern. First make sure to locate your policy, hopefully, below the hurricane and review it. Not all policies include flood insurance (in fact almost none do), which means you will need to acquire special flood insurance.

Next, you need to extensively document the damage. Photograph everything that was destroyed or damaged and pay particular attention to expensive pieces of equipment that are ruined. You will need this evidence to file a claim for all of your loss. It is also important to photograph the efforts you took to minimize the flood damage.

Finally, contact your insurer as soon as possible. After hurricanes, hundreds or even thousands of claims will be filed. You need to get your claim in early.

If you have a property insurance issue, then you may want to call a lawyer for help. Property insurance claims often spike after a hurricane or other natural disaster. During these uncertain times, it is normal for insurance companies to stringently apply their policies and look for any opportunity to deny your claim. If you are fighting with your insurance company, an attorney can help you enforce your policy.