In an ideal world, insurance companies and their policyholders would live in harmony. The insurance company would work hard to fulfill a policyholder’s claim, and the policyholder could rest easy knowing that simply by having insurance, their needs will be covered. Unfortunately, we do not live in this ideal world. Insurance companies will do whatever they can to mitigate their liability when you bring a claim, even if that means outright denying a claim under unjust circumstances.

This is called “bad faith insurance” and it happens more often than anyone would think. Insurance companies care about their bottom line, and as such, they will go to great lengths and use intricate provisions, clauses and justifications to deny you coverage — either partially or wholly.

In the state of Florida, this is a major problem because we routinely deal with hurricanes, torrential rain, terrible storms, flooding, and other extreme weather phenomena that can destroy homes and ruin people’s property. When the good people of the state of Florida insure their assets only to find out their insurance company is unwilling to support them, a problem arises. And at Tyler & Hamilton, we intend to fix it.

We are committed to you, the policyholder, and your rights as someone who has insurance. You have legitimate concerns, and you want to see them addressed properly. We can help you in this regard. If you are in need of legal representation as a result of an insurance dispute, please consult with Tyler & Hamilton.