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Negative emotions over a denied insurance claim

When it comes to denied insurance claims, some people may focus on the financial effects of this issue, which can certainly have a major impact on a person's life. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that there are other reasons why denied insurance claims can be incredibly difficult, especially when an insurance company is in the wrong. For example, the emotional toll of these challenges can be overwhelming. Some people in Jacksonville and all over Florida who have had their insurance claims wrongfully denied may experience a great deal of stress over legal matters, while others may face different emotional difficulties.

Aside from legal stress, which can be especially hard for some people, some may become angry because they feel as if their insurance company has failed to live up to its promises and respect their rights. Others may become depressed and feel hopeless over the entire situation. While all of these negative emotions are understandable and can be very tough, it is crucial for you to work through them properly. For example, if you believe that your insurance claim has been wrongfully denied, you should not hesitate to take action and hold your insurance company accountable in the courtroom, if necessary.

Does my insurance protect against hurricanes?

Hurricane Florence is on the minds of many people living in Florida and surrounding areas. Along with concerns about getting you and your family to safety, you may also be wondering whether your property is protected under your current insurance policy. Allstate explains how coverage is determined when a home or other property is damaged by a hurricane.

Wind damage

Is water damage covered by home insurance?

If your Florida home sustains water damage, you want to rest assured that your insurance company will help cover the cost. However, conventional home insurance policies do have some limitations, and it’s important that consumers are aware of what is and is not covered when making a claim. Esurance.com explains how water damage is typically addressed by insurance companies so you can determine whether you’re being treated fairly.

The difference between water damage & flooding

How can I choose a good insurance company?

If you’re shopping around for insurance in Jacksonville, you probably have numerous options in front of you. Choosing the right insurance company is important for many reasons, but it can also prevent issues with denied insurance claims down the line. Esurance.com offers the following tips on how you can find a reliable company to do business with.

Look at a few different companies

Typical insurance issues that follow natural disasters

If your Florida business sustained damage as a result of a natural disaster, you may assume that your insurance coverage will kick in. However, in some cases your insurance policy may fail to offer coverage based on the details on how the damage occurred. Because these issues can be complex even if you have a good understand of your insurance policy, Marsh.com offers the following information.

Understanding Deductibles

The importance of having someone in your corner

You should not assume that any insurance companies in Florida are in the business of handing out money, even if they are ethical organizations that care deeply about the losses of their policyholders. However, if your insurer were to make a decision that you believe was based on something other than a responsible assessment of your situation and a dutiful interpretation of the terms of your policy, then you might choose to enter into negotiations. At Tyler & Hamilton, P.A., we are proud to advocate for our clients' rights, even if our opponents happen to be large insurance providers with accomplished legal teams.

Our clients often come to us in a state of approximate panic; they are often depending on support concerning a recent loss from the insurance companies to which they have paid premiums for the duration of their policies. Our job at this initial stage is to gather enough information to determine whether or not the insurer could be acting in bad faith in regards to their contract with our client.

Why are health insurance claims usually denied?

You expect your insurance company to cover the medical care you need to stay healthy. However, claims are often denied, and it can be stressful trying to get to the bottom of a rejected claim when you’re not entirely sure what went wrong. Knowing why denials happen is useful in this case and Nerdwallet.com offers a few reasons why your health insurance claim may not be approved.

The Medical Provider Was Not In-Network

Differences Between Property Insurance & Liability Insurance

Securing the right insurance policy is crucial for Florida property owners to protect what matters most. That’s why it’s so important to understand the difference between insurance products, such as property and liability policies. Insureon.com explains these differences, so you can make sure your current policy offers the protections you need (which will prevent denied claims when the time comes).

Protections Offered by Property Insurance

Why are mold remediation claims typically denied?

The door of your home in Jacksonville may be open for all to enter. That is, of course, excluding those people (and things) that you do not want to be there. Mold is likely right at the top of that lise, yet somehow it can find its way in, anyway. You might think that the reason you have homeowners (or property) insurance is to handle these exact situations. However, if you do end up submitting a claim, you make quickly discover (just as others have) that insurers rarely cover mold remediation. Why is that? 

The common school of thought is that indoor mold is a health hazard. While research findings compiled by the Institute of Medicine (and shared by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) showed a limited connection between mold and the development of respiratory issues in those with asthma, people with compromised immune systems and even otherwise healthy adults and children, more research is needed to determine exactly how big a health concern mold truly is (the same study also points out that many are not affected by mold at all). This lack of information confirming the health risks posed by mold may account for the unwillingness of insurance companies to help deal with it. 

What should you do if your insurance claim has been denied?

You are still recovering from a violent motor vehicle accident in Florida. Fortunately, you survived and are making progress in your healing. However, you are also still dealing with the lingering consequences of your crash including a damaged vehicle and mounting medical bills. To worsen matters, you recently discovered that your insurance claim has been denied. What are you supposed to do now? Understanding your options may allow you to come up with an alternative plan as you continue to recover from your accident. 

According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, from the time you acquire your insurance policy, it is imperative that you take the time to read your policy in full. Understanding your coverage and its limitations can help you to be better prepared in the event you have to rely on your insurance for assistance. Your insurance company can explain different clauses to clarify confusion and give you a clear picture of how your coverage will function. 

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