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Florida insurer cancels thousands of policies

Florida residents who own homes and other property in the state should always be able to count on their insurance companies for help after a disaster like a hurricane, a flood or a fire. However, this can be a challenge at times when insurers and policy owners fail to agree on the causes, costs or other details of a claim. People who file fraudulent claims may also end up having a negative impact on honest homeowners.

Common reasons for commercial property claim denials

One of the most important types of protection any business owner in Jacksonville can have is a comprehensive policy to cover their company. With the risk of property damage looming overhead, the right coverage can make it easier for them to sleep at night. As important as it is to have an active policy, it is equally important for business owners to be aware of the common issues they may encounter when they submit claims. 

Vacancy exclusions, arson and denied claims

A person who purchases a homeowners insurance policy should not assume that because a type of disaster is mentioned in the coverage, that all instances of that disaster would be treated in the same way. Fire is one of these that often has notable exceptions. According to HomeInsurance.org, neither a fire in a vacant house or arson is usually covered by a typical policy.

An overview of Florida homeowner's insurance guidelines

Getting the right property insurance is critical to protecting your home. Whenever your home suffers catastrophic damage, often the only way to stave off bankruptcy and fix your home, is to go through your homeowner's insurance. But it is important that you understand exactly what is and is not covered by your policy. This post will go over the basics of property insurance and how things are valued.

More insurance issues after a hurricane

In Florida, hurricanes are a matter of "when" not "if." As such, it is critical for any homeowner to purchase adequate property insurance to protect their home, business, and other real estate properties. Furthermore, small businesses experience the double blow of dealing with the hurricane and the downturn in business afterward. Property insurance can help you weather these storms but only if the insurer enforces your policy. This post will go over the issues that can arise after a hurricane.

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